Friday, June 20, 2008

Vienna day 6 / Budapest Day 24- June 18th: Day of the Dead

Today is my last day in Vienna and I want to maximized my time here by visiting as many culture institution as possible. It was a rude awakening by those Canadian college frat boys in the morning; apparently they didn't sleep at all and partied all night. The ear plug did me very little good.

My eyes were puffy and emotions bitchy and I wanted to murder somebody....I decided to go to the national library to see the History of Torture and it was a perfect matched for my mood that morning. The old national library is phnominal and it really gave me a grand impression what opulent life styles the Viennese have lived in the past few hundred years. The show was wonderful too. It's a show about pain, suffering, torment, cannibalism, death and injustice in history but all these things have a silver lining of hope and how humanity overcame such obstacles. I never knew death can be so inspiring!

I walked around Volksgarden area and decided why not let's spend some more money on Death; it's the theme of the day! What would be more dead than a 3500 year old Mummy!!!!! It's the King Tut show!When it first came to LA in 1970's it was a smash hit. I wanted too see what the fuss was all about and all I can say was wow!!!!!

I was expecting some dried mummies, some artifacts but what I found was beautiful priceless art and artifacts and more beautiful than I can ever imagined (no actual mummies in the show). At the end of the exhibit there is a quote: “----people of Egypt thought they had erased King Tut from history and Egyptians believe all the kings and pherrors live when their names are remembered and for King Tut was once again reborn and when his tomb was discovered he indeed archived immortality” I was very moved and I didn't need any mummies to impress me.

It was a good time meddling with death all morning and I decided some shopping would lighten up the day so I did that.. saw some really good sales and got some wonderful thing.
I have finally returned to Budapest in the evening and it was a long trip because how slow the train traveled; I went to bed.

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