Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 15- June 2ed: Working; Networking

It's another day filled with running around getting materials and some work at the hardware stores. I went back to the same shop where I had first got my plywood board cut. This time they recognized me and is very helpful and not much English was needed other than some sign language and easy phases.

I later ran to my friend Utilla's restaurant and had more Goulash soup and deep fried catfish with almonds. It was like eating at Coco's, a bit strange to be eating this in Hungary, I don't even eat this 'American' in the US, but hey it's free. He can definitely do this for a living in America.

Megan, Lisa and I went to a art opening that night and it was “interesting” because entertainment is planned. This just happens to be a crazy, singing, dancing and painting Clown!!! It's absolutely insane and he looked so scary and full of that 'Clownergy', I was even brave enough to have taken a picture with him. We met some local people and chatted with them; good times!

I than took off to a bar and met up with some Canadian friends visiting the city at a local joint and chatted with one of them. The other guy is Chinese living in Canada and he seems bossy and I didn't say much to him.

I got back around 1130pm and worked on my art for a bit before going to bed.

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