Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 34- June 28th: very drunk and confused

Pic: Alex and his/our friend Balasz

Today I met up with my new 19 year old friend Alex I met in a club the night before. We arranged to have lunch together and this made me feel a little dirty and a little like Gregory (lol a little insider joke, we love you Greg). It was a interesting because I think alex really likes me and is very intrigued by me but the down fall is he speak the least English out of everyone I have met in Hungary. This meant our verbal conversation almost doesn't exist and body language, drawing and writing are more useful in this case. We managed to have a interesting time together regardless of the obstacles we faced. We took a nice walk on he Danube, went shopping on Vaci street and had ice cream.

A side note:

I was hit on by a old Hungarian man today; he pretended to be lost and asked me for directions and just would't take a hint. He was at least a little sauvey than other guys I have encountered, he also made kissing sounds at me. This happened around 1130am.

Later in the evening I went to a couple of bars and clubs and had a bit too much to drink. I got really sick and was pucking for a couple of hours... I have used up my once a year drunken privileges last night. Today I am really paying for my sins last night. my roommate Andreas took really good care of me last night and thank him for that. We always have such interesting and candid conversations.

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