Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 18- June 5th: Music Of The Night

I worked a bit last night and finished one of my art pieces and went to the framer today. It cost 17,000 forient to get it frame (only 2,000 of that is labor and the rest material). This further confirm my theory that there is no mid price goods. The art works are finally coming together and I need to work more in the next few days.

I have been thinking about staying in Budapest for a longer amount of time, maybe a month more? I talked to my boyfriend about it and he is supportive of my decisions. He is always so encouraging and supportive of what I do. He is really good to me and it makes me so happy that he is my life and sad that he is far away.

The four of us and Beata went to a art opening tonight and mistakenly arrived 1.5 hour early so we made our way down to a coffee shop by Hero Sq. We all had a good time talking and waiting for our food which took about an hour.

The Art opening is in basement studio/ gallery space in a vintage building. The building is interesting but the quality of art work is spotty. There are several very nice pieces and a very strange 2 person band played; a loud experimental sound filled the windowless basement. Rudee wasn't feeling well so she left early; I think it's from climbing up and down the subway and building stairs. I hope she feels better physically so she can see more sights in the city before we leave the residency in just less than a week now :(.

I came back to the room and worked more on my art but had fallen asleep... it was 2:30am the eerie songs of the homeless woman awake me from the sleep. She sometimes sings in the park in early hours of the day from her drunkenness and her rusty off-key vocal resonated between the tall historic apartment buildings. It is surreal!

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