Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 22th -june 9th: It can be better

a strange mobile 3d ad truck running up and down the street.

I am coming down with a annoying cough and hope it will go away soon. We had a residency meeting today and it was very helpful as things are coming to an end on Wednesday. Other artists are rush to many culture sites in and around the city before heading home. I, on the other hand, have no rush what so ever.

I am about done on my last piece of art work and just a little minor gluing and cutting would do the trick. I can't believe I am more productive here in Hungary than in LA. This is the first time I have done 3 pieces of work in less than 3 weeks (2 weeks of that is just finding materials). Wow, I can seriously become an art factory if I ever get my act straight.

This evening I went to a bar because it's a “youth night” they have discounted entry for people under 30 y/o. I was there last week and it was 500 forints and this week the doorman is different and he insist me paying 1,500 forints. I showed him the ad in the paper and he gave me some bullshit excuses on how I have to be a member to be qualified for the 500 forints entry. I didn't want to argue with him because I know he will win any argument if we ever got into one. After a few hours there and came the time to settle my bill; he said only 500 forints. There is a god. I gave him a small tip of 150 forints.

You can't be sure of anything in Hungary..... they have local price and tourist prices on most goods and services (even this hotel have a discreet Hungarian price, I heard). I don't even look at things if they don't have a price tag because I know they are just fishing for tourist.

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