Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 29- June 23ed: the wave is here.

Today was a record braking day; it had the highest temperature since last summer. The heat mixed with humidity made it not easy even for the simplest task like getting dressed. It's almost 90 by 10am and of course I suffered all day in the city that doesn't know the air conditioning actually exist in other parts ofthe world. I wanted to escape the heat by going to one of the museums I haven't visited but later realized Museums are closed on Mondays just like in the US, so no luck on that. By 1pm the entire city felt like a sauna and I wasn't sure if I should suffer the heat indoors or outdoors.

I met up with my “somewhat” English speaking friend Sandor and his roommate Adam for a drink and had interesting conversation regarding popular culture and alternative life styles in Budapest. Adam is a English- Hungarian proof reader so his speak English very well and it was nice to have this conversation with Hungarians that can carry a meaningful conversation in English.

Adam left shortly and Sandor and I continued the evening without him, and a couple of hours later he too left but during our chat I ran into Alltila. This is like musical chairs of chats.... We had a fun talk with the bar tender and a Finnish pilot. He is the same age as I am and he wanted me to guess his age and I came up with 43. I was being fair and asked him to stop drinking beer because he was having his 20th bottle of beer. He was amusing and his called himself Mr. T. I don't know why but he really resents America, American politics and even the American people. I have been sensing that same emotion in Europe but usually only towards American politics.

The night falls but the heat lingered and another day ended.

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