Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 25- June 19th- Life without Rudee

photo: in silence we stood.

After Vienna I was exhausted and slept till 2pm. I finally got myself up and moving and went to the cell phone store and recharged purchased more air time. Waled around mindlessly and came back to the residency for an Art opening! The work was interesting and it's by an children's book artist who lived till the age of 95. It's amazing how he painted with such innocence and child like at such old age.

Andrea (my new roommate) and I went for a long walk around the city, I tried to find the Artist Club where the last residency had dinner one night but was unsuccessful. So we end up getting a little lost but we did spend some great time on the Danube's bank and watched the rights across the water. It was a wonderful and peaceful experience. Later we went for a drink and chatted a little more.

We didn't talk the whole time, sometimes there is just silence between us but we did not feel uncomfortable or had the need to fill the space with sounds; at those moments we understood each other clearly.

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