Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 5 in Vienna June 17th- Ebenfurth vs. Tonglo; what's the difference

Interesting day today; I have figured out that everyday is interesting and I wake up with excitement everyday and know that there is something in the store for me!

A great to get lost god said: so I did, I took train #8 at the train station and thought it was going to Beverdear gardens! It was #8 alright but it's scheduled to go to Budapest! I should have been on #8 street car not the train. It was 45 mins later before the first stop and I was 60 miles away from Vienna and if I had my luggage I would just go back to budapest but NO!

I ended up in a little town called Ebenfurth! I had to wait about another 45 mins for another train to come back to Vienna!
What a mis-adventure. I was amazed how the town of Ebenfurth is so much like Tunglo (Where my grand parents live in Taiwan); the train stations looked the same, the little villages feels the same, the farms look the same... I said what the hell what's the difference; people are all the same in this world. I am sure people in Tunglo have never heard of Ebenfurth and people in Ebenfurth doesn't know Tunglo exist. They live a paralleled universe!

I came back to Vienna and tried to salvage the day by visiting a the Kunsdalle Museum's Punk exhibition and it was ok... I didn't see or learned anything remarkable so I ventured near St. Stephen's church for a little shopping therapy. I feel cured, had the same dinner as I did the first night here in Vienna and went to a historical spa for some relaxation.

This is really a great opportunity for me to be here in Europe and I really thank god's plan, Beata's recognition, my mother's help and my boyfriend's support; without any of those elements I would not be here and have this amazing experience. As I was sitting on the train coming back from Ebenfurth, I rally thought of my mother and how she had always told me to 'go and see Europe, go travel', at the time I would always joke 'I have all the time in the world to see Europe after you die'. I didn't know this would be the reality of today and with the money she left me, I am indeed seeing Europe.

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