Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 30- June 24th: same people, same behavior, different language, different country

I forgot to mention on yesterday's entry, the heat wave made me consumed 4 ice cream cones. It's the only way to stay cool. People young and old love ice cream here and I love seeing 70 year old lady licking an ice cream cone in swattering heat. That's just too adorable.

The heat continues and I immediately ran (took the train) to the Hungarian National Museum to escape the heat. I thought it was a cleaver idea but apparently the Hungarian treasure is used to the heat to and didn't need to be kept under a air conditioned building. The ancient artifact and antique were only minorly interesting and it covers the entire Hungarian history from AD1600 to AD1990. I think the museum has great potential they just need a good curator. There are just too many filler art pieces and reproduction in this massive space.

After the museum I just took a long walk around the city and my lord, people are really just the same as in LA and only different in forms. I saw people reading a book while riding a bicycle in traffic. I see people putting on make up while riding a bicycle. It's dangerous practice but people do it no matter where they are in the world.

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