Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 16- June 3rd: Dramagalore

The day starts around 5 am just 3 hours after I had gone to bed. My suitemate got sick from the paint thinners I left in the living room. It was overlooked mistake anyone could have made and is solved by communication instead I got slamming doors at 5am, a note in the bathroom at 9am, and dirty looks at 10am.

We did talk about the situation and came up with some sort of solution but I do not know if it will work because she constantly victimized herself in every situation. She wants to be heard so she talks about her life for hours to us and other strangers in the city. I think this entices her and makes her feels alive.

I understand and am sorry that she got sick from the paint fumes and it is my fault but she plays the victim's card so well it's a bit disturbing to me.

Maybe I should also leave her nasty note in the bathroom one day as means of “good communication”.

  • Please turn down your terrible music at night.
  • Please keep the windows closed so there are not 1000 bugs in the room.
  • Please check the toilet after you have done shitting so the next person doesn't see your dinner from last night floating in the toilet (this happened twice).
  • When you ask someone to turn the water faucets tightly make sure you do it too.
  • Please keep your “group therapy, sob stories, personal experiences, and family drama” conversation to a min of 5 mins per day instead of wasting hours of other people's valuable time. (countless hours wasted; I have stood and listened to her talking about her life for 1 hour more than a couple of times and now I just make up excuses and leave but still I give her at least 10 mins to speak to about herself, daily).
  • Please be respectful of other members in the group when doing a group activity.

I know I am just being mean now but I feel that she takes advantage of people's sympathy for her disability and use it for her constant self reinforcement of “being the victim” is simply unacceptable.
Of course I won't write her the note above and in many ways I still feel for her physical and psychological sufferings and I do hope she is able to get something out of this Residency by interacting with others in a social and urban environment before returning to her seclusions in South Dakota.

Good to get it out of my system and I do hope her a peaceful life.

oh, we also took a very wonderful roadtrip to a little artist village and visited a few art galleries with Beata.

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