Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Friends: ...

Dear Friends,

Just a little update on my latest: I finished the International Artist-in-Residency program in Budapest, Hungary on June 13th, and saw many wonderful things in this historic old city. I also created 3 really good works of art here. The pieces are staying in Budapest for at least 3 scheduled shows this year and next year. The first group show is coming up on August 2nd, 2008, and I'll send more information about it later. I also decided to stay in Budapest for another month, which will allow me to do a bit more sightseeing and traveling, with the hope of gaining a deeper understanding of many cultures of Eastern Europe.

I have already spent 5 days in Vienna, Austria, and it was a great experience. Since then, I have returned to Budapest and joined the second group of 6 artists from the U.S., Greece, and England. I also plan to make at least one more art piece. This has been an amazing opportunity for me to be here; learning, making and seeing art. I will be doing a bit more traveling in early July. I will visit Bratislava, Slovakia; Prague, Czech Republic; and back to Vienna for a total of 10 days before I return home to Los Angeles in mid-July.

For those of you that have patiently waited for my appearance on HGTV, I am sorry I just did not have a chance to email you the notice, but the show already aired during the late-night hours of June 17th and 18th. They are sending me a copy of the show, and from what I have heard... 'it looked good' but I haven't even seen it personally yet. It is scheduled to be rebroadcast at 7pm Eastern and Pacific time on August 23rd (check your local listings) .If you are interested in watching me on a design television show and can't wait that long, simply respond to this email and I will send you a copy of the DVD once I am back in the states.

Visit my travel Blog (diary) and Flickr (photos) for all of my adventures--and sometimes misadventures!--in Eastern Europe.

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