Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 31- June 25th: The dead have it all and the living have New York Palace!

Beata stopped by the hotel and checked on us this morning and she always tend to sneaks her way next to me or pop up around me. She is like a cat on the tippy toes. I am always surprise to see her or hear her talking near by and than realized she is right there, next to my face. I saw other artists work and it's so interesting and people are getting all sorts of different inspirations from being in Hungary. I know I will be doing more residencies around the world and this being my first and it will always have special place in my heart. I will never forget about these wonderful and meaningful experiences.

I tried to catch up with my blog, flicker, and email this morning and did a bit of research on fining hostels in Bratislava and Prague for my up coming travel before heading back to the States. I also went to the local post office and finally sent the postcards out. The postmasters even personally licked the stamps and put it on for me!!!! It's great but they don't use computers so everything is manual and each person takes up a good amount of time.

I than took the train to Buda side and had lunch at my friend's restaurant. This was my 6th time and he had been so nice and treated me all these times but I have also been teaching him English in return. I should really learn more Hungarian words but it is a very difficult language.
After lunch and English lessons, my roommate Andreas and I went to the Keleti Cemetery for a morbid art discovery walk. I really love this experience!!! I was amazed by how many beautiful century old tome stones are in this peaceful place. A wonderful collection of amazing art and sculpture work that's worthy of being in any world-class museums. We must have walked around for a couple of hours and took some pictures, some with strange poses that I think I might go to hell for. I did leave some flowers for the souls I disturbed. The place is so picturesque and the dead have it all. I thought about my mother briefly.

I suggested that we should have a drink at the New York Palace: a historic hotel and restaurant built by an American insurance businessman in the 1930's. Amazing building and wonderful interior, even though it's not my style of work but I very much appreciate it's beauty and details. Being in such space made me realized how the upper class must have lived and the opulence of this place really shocking. Everything is over the top, the scale of the building, the detailed of the interior are ll expensive and material used in building will sure last a few hundred more years. I notice that we were drinking water from Italy, eating Éclairs from France in a building called The New York Palace in Budapest, Hungary.

Sometimes life can be as sweet as the Éclairs I had at the New York Palace but usually one is more than enough.

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