Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 24th -june 11th: moving up!

After Rudee left the residency moved me to a single room and it turned out to be a suite with a loverly mid-century cold war era interior. it's wonderful, this is what I have expected from Budapest's vintage local hotels. I am now on the 9th floor with a wonderful roof top view that makes me or future guest feel like Mary Popings.

I took 2 baths that day and enjoyed the strange tiles in the bathroom.

I spent a good amount of time packing and unpacking and also got ready for my Vienna trip. I know it will be another great experience. We had a another party, get together with Megan, Lisa and i invited Attila the hotel internet cafe worker. It was a beautiful evening with lights all around the city and great company. it felt like as if Rudee had been gone for a long time and Megan leaves the next day and soon I will be the one leaving Budapest .

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