Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 21th -June 8th: Working , sleeping and eating not in any particular order

pic: men at work: flyer handler in traffic

After staying out late and a little weekend drinking, my internal clock still wakes me up at 930 am just in time before they take the breakfast away at 10am.

It took about 2 weeks for me to completely getting over having cake for breakfast . Lately, I feel nothing when I see a large variety of cake all perfectly lined up on the buffet table each morning. Can it be that I am now an anti sugar zombie? I moved to the yogurt and cereal table and had a quick breakfast.

I than came back to the room and did a little thinking about staying in Budapest for a longer period of time. I think I want to do it because this is a significant event in my life; here being in eastern Europe and only saw a fragment of what it has to offer. I want to see as much as possible before returning home because I am not sure when will be the next visit would be.

I took a nap and finally recovered fully from my weekend hangover. Even with a population of over 1.4 million people Budapest still feels like a small town. The night life happens on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday most businesses are closed and there are not really a a lot of stuff to do other than drinking (which can take place anytime, any day or anywhere). I spent a couple of hours working on my last project and took the train to my friend's restaurant for ice cream and golush soup and for everyone's information: I had ice cream FIRST!!!!! hahahah it's great being an adult! I can do whatever I want.

It didn't take long before I left the restaurant and came back and worked more. I am pretty happy on how it's turning out and it's about 90 percent finished and just a little minor touch up and gluing it will be finish. Hopefully a wonderful collector will buy!

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