Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 20th -June 7th: Granny Sunglasses and a Clown

An interesting thought came to me today:

I have been getting a massive amount of attention here in Budapest since day one; for just being myself: Asian. It's strange that many people glance over, often time a couple of second looks and sometimes just stop and stare ( This happens more with children).
I first didn't understand why but now it's clear to me.

There is a small Asian population in the city but very sma
ll, and most are working class and older people. In addition the majority of Asian tourist seldom venture into the city center, they usually stay with tour groups or in the buses at tourist sites. They usually are “hit and run” tourist on their way to Vienna. It's rare to see any young, normal, clean- cut, hip looking young Asians in town. I don't think I have seen more than 5 of them since I have been here. When I walk into a bar sometimes the entire bar turns their head and the air flow seem to stop. It's funny!

This topic also links to another subject my bf and I have talked about. He hates when I wear my favorite light brown, retro granny sunglasses in LA. He thinks it's too loud, feminine and too wild.
I disagree with him because it's a nice touch when I am just wearing something simple and dark tone. It bring out a bit of fun and style statement (it would be totally wrong to wear patten fabric and have those sunglasses on, that would be way too much). I have worn those sunglasses here many times in Budapest and I don't feel I am receiving extra attention with them because in Budapest I am the light brown, retro granny sunglasses.

I meant to post this picture the other day... I brave myself and took a picture with the “artist” clown!

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