Monday, May 26, 2008

Day8- May 25: Memories of Western restaurants

Didn't wake up until 2pm... got ready and went to my friend's restaurant on the Buda side. It was nice to see this none tourist neighborhood. His restaurant is called “Nevada Bar” and the interior decor is country western very much like “Brother's Restaurant” my mother had in Taipei years ago.

At the Nevada they serve both American and Hungarian food. I must say the food was only ok even my friend is the chef. He treated me and I didn't have to pay and he told me to come back tomorrow for another free meal, I told him I have to go to the flea market and he said come after the flea market for dinner; it's free! I laughed and thank him. Maybe I should tell him if the food is better I might. No no no I am very thankful he is so generous. I know he wouldn't be reading this because he really doesn't understand English.

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