Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day Two- War and lost in Budapest

Today I got up early after sleeping for 12 hours. I went to the Nygugati station (hub) and it's attached Westend mall to shop for a SIM card for my cell phone. The train station is beautiful but I forgot my camera so I will have to go back for pictures, it also helps for being a 10 min walk from the hotel.

The mall is new and supposed to be the largest in Europe and it's just slightly larger than Glendale mall; America has Hungary beaten on this one. The mall design was blend, stores there were boring but I did have the most delicious melon ice cram there.

Very much like the Taiwanese, the Hungarians love their hot spring bath. Bath culture is wonderful here also. I lingered over the Danube river in the afternoon and took a great bath in Ruda's (established in the 1500's) and had a very hairy fat man massage my naked body for 22 USD (yes, I had to paid him, what a lucky guy huh). It was also the first time I worn a lion's cloth which it's much more homo- erotic than being nude (that's how hot springs are done in Asia).

I find the city pretty easy to navigate on foot or via subway. I wish LA will have a greater density of mass- transit system soon, very soon.

Although there are some Asians in the city but they are in such small number I find myself a hot commodity amongst some. I have been getting a lot of curious vibes and it's very interesting because I never encountered this before.

I wondered the city until 10pm walked through many nameless and pedestrian-less alleyways but made it back safely. I was a little uncomfortable and scared that someone might “jump” me. The organizer and travel book had repeatedly warned about tourists mugging, pick-pockets and credit card crimes, so far I still haven't felt 'that' unsafe.

i found ur right hand....

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