Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 11- May 28th: Modern vs. Classical

I had a somewhat earlier start today. After yesterday's misadventure I feel confident on finding my way today. I took the train and even stopped at the Market place for a refreshing fresh hand- squeezed orange juice; a great relief in this high heat and humidity.

Upon on looking over at Hungarian architecture students work I realized how the training in our field is so much the same and yet so different. A good amount of the students here presented their final thesis on designing classical buildings and some worked on a hybrid of the two and the rest, modern designs like what we did in the States. I have never seen students or schools that actually taught students to design or even attempt to work on classical architecture other than learning them in history classes.

Is classical architecture dead? Or are we just too ignorant to have it as part of of our lives?

After meeting with some faculty member and got the information I needed; I said goodbye to the university and continued my search. After going to both stores they recommended I did find a very thick Plexiglas sheet, a 8ply basswood pressed board, glue and color films. I hope it will work and if not than I am out of luck. I feel very lucky to have had studied in the U.S. and didn't have to worry about not having materials to work with. We have the best materials, and selection possible and even pricing.... non necessities items are very expensive here, no matter how cheap they might be in Target back in the States.

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