Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 12- May 29th: Scary Adventure

It's been a interesting day and it started just as normal as any other day for me here in Budapest. I had 2 pieces of cake for breakfast, 2 cups of tea and some ham slices. I had to do some errands before attending Beata's art opening at 5pm so I rushed myself and get my web material uploaded and went to a frame store and talked to the owner about getting my doll heads framed.

I than hoped on the train and arrived Beata's opening. It was near Angal st. where I had wondered around before and the art work and installation are beautiful and a couple pieces reminds me of my work “How are you, my darling? (2005)” I hope I had a role of inspiring Beata's work.

Four of us met some local artists and talked to a few people and played with Beata's grandson Patti and dog Max; both adorable. We escaped the gallery from Megan's older gentleman suitor (who I affectionately called her long lost Hungarian father). We had dinner at Mexical (a Hungarian Mexican food restaurant) after dinner the fun began....

We were followed by a young man in his early 20th and clearly on drugs from his uncontrolled movements and blurred speech. Rudee had mistakenly strike a conversation with him and gave him some cigarettes and very much the pigeons she feeds in the park every morning, came back for more.

He followed us on the train and back to the hotel and on the way he verbally assaulted a young woman on the train and she left the train cursing at him in Hungarian. Megan, Lisa and I took a detour and hoped the guy doesn't find out where we are staying but Rudee end up spending more time talking to him in the park. Three of us felt a great deal of threat from this stranger and we also got a bit annoyed that Rudee had put us in this situation.
I alerted the hotel security and let's hope my head will still be attached to my body tomorrow morning, unlike my dolls.

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