Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 4 - May 21s: Prep and drunk

As the presentation gets close I started to feel the pressure to preform. So I decided to review and work on getting ready for the presentation in the morning and early afternoon.
After lunch I realized for the last few days my stomach haven't been agreeing with me but the food eaten seem clean enough. As long as it's not too unhealthy I hope to loose some weight through this could be harmful event.

I later went to the Danube's bank for a relaxing and even did a little yoga practice. I arrived around 630pm and patiently waiting for the sun to set, waiting, waiting and waiting... hours had past and it was 9pm and sun still up and the chill forced me to gave up. Dinner was delicious at a restaurant called Veritas for 35 USD; I had, a smoked tuna salad, a glass of Rose wine and Csirke Brassoi Maskepa (garlic marinated chicken pieces with pan- fried potato) and the evening ended with me in a very 'friendly' bar and 5 drinks down my belly.

Note to myself: Never have Hungary wine/ shot called Unicum, it's disgusting.

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