Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day Zero- Budapest here I come.

Long- lines at check in counter

delayed- flight for 2 hours

disgusting- terrible uneatable food

smelly- neighboring passenger

overcast- London weather

smooth- landing

modern- London airport

shopping- heaven

shame- on LAX

beautiful- people

attractive- British accent

5 hours- of walking back and forth

I had such high hopes for being on my first British Airway Flight but it was such a let down. The food was blend (contrarily to American's sodium rich airline food) and tasted terrible. I am waiting for my five hour layover at London Airport and I cant believe how ultra modern the design and architectural hardware are here and it made our LAX airport feels like a third world airport.

The design of the airport is very space- age, Jetson's like with modern materials like glass, stainless- steel and it's a shoppers' heaven with stores like Five- Star, Apple, Gucci, Coach, Boosts, and Harrod's department store. The stores added the sense of humanity to the somewhat cold' interior. The interesting thing is Taipei- Tauoyong airport is exactly opposite (with airport's design modern and with interesting traditional Chinese architecture details but the eve super upscale stores there made it traveler unfriendly).

I finally finished eating at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant “Planefood” and I had Miso crab salad, and small cauliflower soup, both from the appetizer menu. Soup was wonderful sand salad was way too salty and he didn't use fresh crap meant its very salty. The bill came out to be 45 US Dollars.. for just 2 little portion. He is over-rated.

Finally got in to Budapest at 1145. the airport here is petite so it takes 2 mins to get through customs. One other Asian was on board.

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