Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 13- May 30: Caught and a Rent boy!

I was riding on the street car without a ticket today and got caught!!!!!

I cant believe it because i have taken it at least 50 times now and never once seen anyone checking! The ticket inspector asked for 6,000 forints but i did the "i don't understand what you are talking about and why is one ticket cost 6,000 forints, i want to speak to the American citizens assistance, blah blah blah) and she got so frustrated with me and walked away! I bullshitted myself out of that ticket, thank god!

I than run down to to the ticket counter and got myself a 7 day pass for 4,000 forints. heheheh. Today was all about hardware stores and getting the last of materials so i can make my art and things are finally looking up after countless trips and research. It's wonderful that it's finally paying off! I do have to work hard and catch up on my work next week.

I made my way to venci st. which is very touristy it was not that great. Old Town Pasadena has better shopping and restaurants! I left quickly and than walk a couple blocks to the Danube for another wonderful sunset. After one hour sitting there on the bench a guy approached me and started a conversation and i later found out that he is in the sex trade, locals called "rent boys" he wanted 5,000 forints for some sexual service. I told him he should pay me 200,000 forints for the same service because i am from California and hot, i don't need to pay anyone for sex!!! LOL

He said sorry he only had 1,000 forints and we laughed. He is actually pretty nice, 26 and i feel terrible that he has to do this. We talked some more and walked to the subway station together. he was a perfect gentlemen and a nice person.

The last couple of days had been very interesting is it full moon?

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