Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 7- May 24: Being Dramatic... oh

Our residency host and coordinator Beata invited us to see her work at her house so all of us took the trains and a bus over to her house. She is such a great story teller, she lives a very interesting life and have so many intriguing stories to tell. She bursts into life (even more) when she tells stories about her ex marriages, old communist days, and her family drama. I can really relate to her pain but I decided not to share with everyone in the group so I kept it to myself.

Beata is such a wonderful artist, she did work in many different medias and had shown in some major museums in the world. I feel she is able to understand my work. I wish to be like her one day but I do feel bad that she still struggles financially, the life of Artists sigh....

I wanted to do something fun tonight so decided to go to a bar and next thing I know it's 6am... made my way back to the hotel and had breakfast and went to bed.

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