Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 9- May 26: The real Fleas of The Flea Market

I am getting a little uneasy about finding the right material for my art work so today, I must go to the flea market. It was a 30 mins bus ride away from downtown Budapest. The bus was pretty easy to find and the ride there was interesting. This is the real Hungary that must tourist won't see. It's mostly poor and a little it rundown; factories, big box stores, residential buildings and abandoned structures lined the Highway.

It was about 1130am when I arrived there and according to their business hours they are open from 7am-4pm weekdays and weekend with shorter hours. A completely surprised : the place is 90 percent closed with only a few shops opened and even fewer shoppers. I later was told y a shopkeeper that people come early in the morning it was almost a completely wast of time but I did manage to find some bizarre dolls in a basket from a vendor, they are made of rubber, soiled, missing body parts and dusty to the touch.

She wanted a lot of money for such garbage did purchased the dolls after a it bargaining. The final price is 3800Forints about 24 dollars- a complete rip off but only she knew I would have paid even more due to my desperation for the dolls for my art work. The dolls would of cost no more than 5 dollars in most thrift stores in LA. I also got a mink stow for the frame of my art work for 15 USD which is very reasonable. I will have to to back to the flea market this Saturday to search for other materials and hope this time I won't get rip off.

The afternoon was filled with running around to the art stores, the mall and walking around the city and had a very nice dinner alone.

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