Friday, May 23, 2008

Day five- May 22ed: Lecture and Nakedness

Day of the presentation- I had a hangover from the night before and rushed to pull myself together for the lecture and slide show. Thankfully I am scheduled in the afternoon and it was amazing experience to have seen what other artists have done. My presentation went pretty well even though I wasn't 100 percent there.

After the presentation I thought it would be fitting to go to a historic bath for some relaxation. I took the Streetcar over to the Buda side and had a interesting time at the Kiraly bath (built 1566). The bath has an old historic essence oozing out it's very pores. The common changing area still has the old Soviet Union feel, everything thing is utilitarian; blend without personal identity. White floor tiles with baby blue accent borders, white paint with white changing cubical and wood mesh painted white as screens.

I walked through a seemingly endless hallway with paint peeling on the edges, as the wind whispered though my ears, came the centralized circular pool with a large group of men sitting on the edge of the healing water. The very same moment as the sunlight beaming down the shadowy interior through small fist size holes on the dome above, I realized most of the men around me are as old as the the building itself. To me they appear to be gentle, classic, with a sense of over easy comfort to public nudity.

After 2 hours spent in the bath I emerged from the water almost a brand new person. I walked the streets around Kiraly Bath and walked on the Margit bridge and watch the spectacular views this wonderful city has to offer.

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