Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 10- May 27th: Wild goose- chase and chopping off doll heads

Hot, hot, hot! It's been so hot the last few days and today is no expection; if not it's even worse. I got ready and made on my way to the university in search of the model making materials. It took me a while to find the “dot” on the map but on the way I discovered a wonderful market place and spent sometime there. I arrived at the university and from what students told me it's an Economic University and the Architecture University is across the river. Beata had sent me on a wild goose- chase. I walked over the bridge and realized that most faculty and student are gone for the day and I was asked to come back the next day. One positive note, I did stumble on the wonderful cave church and the beautiful Buda hills and park the church is in. I spent sometime there climbing the hills and looked at the wild flower bloom in this almost unbearable heat.

I feel like as if I am Alice in Wonderland looking for the curious rabbit in a strange but fascinating land of the unknown. Even though the process of material searching has been difficult but this also helped me on learned and see the city in whole new different light.

Later in the night I started making my art work by sawing the dolls head off!!! It's completely insane of me sitting in a hotel room alone holding a saw and cutting the dolls head off in the darkest of the night. What happened to the sophisticated designer from LA? This is such a unreal experience.

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