Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vienna Day 7th- A buffet of art and food!

first- upper palace
second- lower palace
third- one interior
four- marble room

My only full day in Vienna and I the full ay planned since I was last here.

I want to eat more of the of those delicious gyros from little shops around town, more of crêpes, and more of everything! I want to see art, visit the Belvedere gardens and fill myself with Vienna until I am ready to puke!

First, Gyros and ice cream than I am off to Belvedere Gardens and unlike my last attempt I was lost and 50 miles away from Vienna. The Garden is a lot smaller and more urban than I have pictured. The beautiful sculptures adorn the gates of the garden and steps of both palaces. They are wonderful welcome art to the public. I started my tour on the upper palace museum and saw the many painting from 1800-the mid 1900's. I was blown away by the carefully selected collection and wonderful display of painting and art for each artist. It was one of my most enjoyable classical, neo- classical painting viewings; before I knew it 3 hours had passed.

I walked trough the gardens felt the sensibility of European gardening and how its different than Americans. I didn't lingered too long because I know the Lower Palace's Vienna Fantastic Realism exhibition which made me terribly excited!

The gallery space is smaller and only on one floor unlike the 3 levels of display spaces at the Upper palace. The art here is more modern from the 1940-1990's and fantastic!!! It took me 2 hours to finish looking at all of the art works.

It was chance encounter, I met a wonderful new friend Jim in Vienna from NYC, we had a long and fun conversation and it was the first meaningful in depth conversation since arriving in Europe. He used to live in vienna for 7 years and for some reason I knew this would happen on my last night in Vienna.

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