Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 36- June 30th: IT'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pic: my friend Alex's rodent (not sure what they are) but adorable!!! They tried to attack my fingers

Wow I can't believe it's June 30th already, last month flow by like a hawk. It's my 34th day in Budapest and my 39th day or so in Europe and I am really getting used to the life and the lifestyle here. I understand Hungary is not perfect but it does start to feel like home.

As I am doing a mapping of Budapest for my last art piece, I started to mentally revisit all the places I have visited and the streets I have wondered on. It's amazing everything is coming back so clearly and wonderfully. It like it had just happened last week. On the art work I can physically see I had cover a huge portion of the city and all the places I had visited and revisited.

I know my time here is ending in just over 8 days and I will be traveling to other parts of Eastern Europe and new adventures will be discovered but I feel this city will always be special in my heart.
Other than being a little sentimental about my last days in Budapest I had been busy all day making my art work, managing email and other typical tasks. I also saw a couple of my Hungarian friends tonight.

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