Monday, July 14, 2008

Czech Republic day 4- its much worse and better than I thought!!!!

photo left: st. charles bridge
photo right: a russian doll retail store

Today is my last day here and I wanted to see as much as possible even though I didn't get up in time for lunch. The room almost got a entire group of new people. Hostel culture is so very strange, it's like fast food friendship. I rushed myself to St. Charles Bridge on the right bank and walked over to the left bank there are even more tourist today because the weather is nice and even though it's Monday the bridge and the surrounding areas are packed with tourist, wall to wall just like Las Vegas.

Vendors and "artists" sell their crafts and goods and the bridge is nice with picturesque view of the river and the antique towers on both ends.

I finally got around to buy some souvenirs and it end up costing a lot because I am somehow still with the Slovakia exchange rate, I don't know how the total comes up to be 70 dollars for just a few things like t shirt and key chains This city is really gearing itself towards tourism and nothing else matters to them at this point. Many things and buildings look beautiful in the city center but once you are out of the city it's "eastern Europe" everywhere but they are doing a great job in getting the tourist dollars.

I met up with my new friends Michael and Hanza from the night before and we went for some drink and followed by a wonderful Czech dinner. I really enjoyed the food here too after all I am not as picky as most people thought. I liked everything so far.... yummy.

What happens if a go go dancers is a terrible dancer and can't dance at all (think of a 80 year old women with one leg dancing) the only thing he can do is to dance to even wore music, songs from Air Supply, Village people, Judy Garland.... I never knew people can dance to air supply songs... it's so strange. They are still stucked in 1979. After dinner I rushed back to the hostel and got ready for bed before my journey to Vienna again. I thought Vienna was fake but after visited Prague, Vienna is as real as South Central Los Angeles.

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