Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Solvakia day 2- When You are on a Ham holiday, Steal!

pic: ceiling of the bath room in hostel
pic: a typical building in Bratislava

I finally got some badly needed sleep after being up for about 40 hours. of course it was a rude awakening in the morning... what else can I expect from this hostel.

One of my roommates (of 10 roommates) went to the bathroom in the morning and when he came back his bag was taken; gone!!!! He didn't take more than 5 mins and a thief had taken it. I stronly suspected it's an inside job one of us did it and I thinkI know who was responsible. I suspect it's the Algerian man; he was alone like me and told me he is on a Ham Holiday. It didn't resgister my mind when he told me he was on a Ham hoilday, I thought it's like an urban myth but people actually do that.

I went back to oldtown and ventured a bit more beccause it's safe and clean there. It's fun to see European cities before it's taken over by Starbucks. I did eventually go out the safe zone and saw the real city and can't believe how Americanized Bratislava is. Not only every fast food place is here, the invastment banks are also here, and many people speak English. This is very unlike Budapest, Hungary. Bratislava is like major u.s. cities before the major urban gentrfication since the late 1990. It's also a bit different than Budapest, people are less hungry for money, the restrooms are free so the street doesn't smell like piss and it's a bit cleaner than Budapest but a bit more seedy. People and stores here also don't try to over charge you because you are a tourist and it's kinda nice not be on the guard.

In the evening I went out to the same bar again and unlike last night with only 2 customers, today it was actually respectfully busy. I had a good converstaion with a Sovakian man and before I knew it it's 330am.

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