Sunday, July 13, 2008

Czech Republic day 3- Did Disney buy Prague too, isnt Time Square enough

I managed to get out before noon today and one of my roommate checked out eariler than expeceted. He met a local girl and he will be staying with her for free, lucky Champ.

I decided to stay on the left bank today and not going to downtown- oldtown area. I have heard great things about a castle and palace near by so I took the street car there and I didnt know what I would expect to find.

What came in front of me is this wonderful brige leads to a me a medieval gate and tall tower very much like what you will find in story books. Once inside the gate is a beautiful medieval town with everything intact and orginal. the streets snake through the hill above. Its very different than the oldtown in Budapest or Bratislava. This is pure medieval and very gothic. The town doesnt seem to be affected by wars and is well kept. Tourist everywhere but it is so beautiful the pouring rain didnt affect much. My shoes are soked and the little umbralla didnt sheild me from the wind or the rain. the buildings are beautiful and much taller than ones in Budapests oldtown and totally differnt in style. I wonder why its in such perstine condition.

The city has great tourist singnage and all sites are marked at major intersections. I feel as if the people at Disneyland is also running this city. Every attraction has the same entrance price of 70 Czech Crowns, student is 50. I climbed the towngate tower and it was 159 steps before i reached the top with amazing city views.

I also went on a replica of the Eiffel tower built on a hill via a wonderful funicular ride. I went up to the observation deck and it was 296 steps up. The information stated the observation deck is about the same high as the orginal because the hills boosted its high.

Than it was the hall of mirrors.... who came up with this idea.... it was something from a amusement park. The space looked great and was fun but than when I started to feel the material of the interior and realized its all molded plastic. I felt tricked by this beautiful gotic interior and this is no different than Disneyland. It was a guilty pleasure because I hated that its fake but really enjoyed the experience. After it was the useless technology museum from the 1940s interesting.... and again every place is 50 crowns for this very faux student.

I came to think of Budapest and how different it feels here and there. I dont know if people in Budapest apperciate their city and great romantic architecure style and heritage.

If the city is not apperciated by people for its beauty is it still bautiful?

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