Sunday, July 13, 2008

Czech Republic day 2- a good life

You know life is good when you are able to go out until 4am, sleep at 6am and get up at 2pm.
Its hard to get on a reasonable schedule when there are just so much to do and see. I took a long shower in the nice bathroom at the hostel and soon after it was already much later in the afternoon and no one was even around to see me naked in the room.

I decided to go back to the oldtown area and explore a bit more. The district is much larger than the one in Bratislava and its actually massive. the retail market is thriving and is one of the best shopping places I have been other than Taipei. Goods are much more reasonable then Budapest but still a bit more than the US especially imported goods from the States. It seems like I just have been walking from hours and hours from one side of the city to another

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