Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 43- July 7th: It's time to go home: When .....

last pic: cave confession room in another corner cave

you start running into people you know on the street or/and when you know the city's mass transit system better than the locals!!!!

Today is my last day in Budapest before leaving for Bratislava, Prague and Vienna. I am excited and sad but I still have a few things I wanted to do before wrapping up my time here. Andreas and I went to an upscale outlet store (just one store) in the middle of nowhere and the prices are still very expensive and no small sizes so I didn't buy anything.

We than went to Gellert hills and it was more like a mountain..... high and a very hard to climb up. It was a lot of hard work but the pay off is just beautiful and the best views of the city is here even better than the palace. I really loved it and there is also an old military base the Russians and other militaries had used since the 1500's. The beautiful statue of liberty (of course its the Hungarian version) holding a giant feather is also on top.

We than visited the cave church because he haven't seen it and it was my second time but for me it was as much fun as the first time. We rushed back to the Pest side and went to the Central market and I got some food items to take home after I am finished with my travels. We rushed back to meet Beata for a short meeting before going to our goodbye dinner! It was delicious and the storm decented on us and once again I had to run back to the hotel....

My Hungarian friends also wanted to see me before I leave and once again we ran over to the meeting place and ran ran ran all night.. ..I hope there will be less running tomorrow and I am a bit scared of going to Bratislava.... the movie Hostel really scared me.

not sure if I will have time or the opportunity to write when traveling but will try...

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