Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Czech Republic day 5/ Vienna Day 6: A Lucky day to be back In Vienna!

Wow, today is my lucky day! unlike a few days ago the omen was looking over me today is my lucky day. My alarm clock broke a few days back so I was a bit worried for not being to wake up in time for the train to Vienna . I got up half an hour before and once at the reception someone just happened to find my contact lens storage I lost the day before. I made my way to the train station, got some food item and went to a vendor and got a peach and realized the train arrives at 1023 not 1030 and it was 1022. I made it just one min before it took off.

Everything can possibly gone wrong went right! I even got on the nice Czech train not Hungarian too cheap for air conditioning train. It was actually cold and I had to put on a jacket. I slept like a baby but the train was delayed for about an hour due to unforeseen reasons.

It was a breeze getting to the hostel from the train station too. I began to worry a little because everything was so perfect. I checked into the hostel and rushed to the Leopold Museum but only had 40 mins to see the exhibition before closing. I hesitated for the short time and 15 euro entrance fee but the perfect day continued... the ticketing agent said it's free just don't tell anyone! I ran up stairs and saw as many art as possible but only managed to finished 3 floors out of 6.

A nice evening stroll near St. Stephens followed...

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