Saturday, July 12, 2008

Slovakia day 4 and Czech Republic day 1- lets see how lost I can get...

pic1: lost
pic 2: in Prague now and again

pic: first building in prague
pic3: oldtown gate tower

I got up early today and got ready for the ř hour train ride to Prague. The train ride was uneventful and it was a Hungarian liner and of course they are cheap so the air condtion is only turned on once every 20 mins and lordy, it was HOT, somewhere around 80 to 90 degrees inthe train. Its not like most of the buildings in Budapest this machine has air condition but thez just dont want to turn it on because it cost money.

Today is one of those dazs no matter what you do and the decisions you make will be wrong. I missed the train stop in Prague and wouldnt get off the train for one hour because thats how its planned. I spent 2 additional hours to get to Prauge and when I fianlly arrived it was another shocker.. maybe not as much as I did for Bratislava because I think am getting used to the idea of Eastern European cities.

The train station was rundown and the area around rundown and its much worse than south centeral LA. Empty fields, dirty, grafftied and post war soviet buildings. Its not grand like Budapest and I made my way to the hostel. Sir. Tobys and it was lovely and very much like a boarding school in the turn of the century. Wonderfully restored with antique doors, high ceilings, big windows and spotless tiled bath room in black and white tiles. They even have a movie room, internet, island kitchen and wonderful eating area. Although the receptionist is a bit coocoo.. I think the hostel is rubbing off on hom a bit too much he is ultra friendly and a bit Nazi like but he said he is just being motherly. lol

I went out to the town and the city is a bit better than Bratislava but still kinda bleak and graz. I was told to go to the oldtown area there where everyone goes, tourist or not. Its their oldtown and like Bratislava is the old city behind the old city wall and gates... but before I even see this I was got lost again and this time i lost 1hour by getting on the streetcar going the wrong direction.

Finally I arrived within the old city wall and its what you expected... a grand virsion of San Fraciscos Union square plus Rodeo Drive, plus Third street in Santa Monica. Its old and its beautifullz restored and its shopping heaven. I think this is why Amercians love the most a faux sense of the ancient culture. I feel the as Prague is two different countries seprated by the patcialy standing old city walls. This is the same with Bratislava but Bratislava does seem more American in apperance and Prague doesnt.

Its beautiful with larger squares and public gatering places and wider streets than Vienna. Its a gaint shopping mall like the Grove in Los Angeles. The streets are newly laid with tummbled marble tiles and the area is extensive. This is where tourist and locals come to hangout and shop and unlike Bratislavas oldtown its exculsive for tourists.

The rain started to fall and I tried to find shulter and my trip back to the hotel took about 45 mins and two night bus. I uploaded new photos for all of you and went to bed at five am.

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